Summer Lovin’ – Floral Blazer, White Shirt & Emerald Skirt

Hi Everyone,


I can’t believe it has been five months since my last post. What can I say, life just got in the way and blogging was thrown on the back burner. At the end of the day, blogging is my hobby and unfortunately I have not prioritized it well.

I am happy to share that I am currently employed and doing the job I love. Over the past five months, it has been difficult to balance work, school, family and friends since I have been working almost everyday. As it is approaching holiday season, I have countless special occasions coming up and I only thought it was right to share my outfits/ideas on my blog.

I had taken these photo months ago but did not want to post them without writing anything to accompany it.


Outfit Details:

Blazer: Cotton On

Shirt: Op Shop

Skirt: Op Shop

Bag: H&M

Shoes: Rubi Shoes


I absolutely LOVE this skirt!

I can’t remember if I posted about it previously on my blog but it is a favorite.

High wasited skirts are so flattering and I believe they make me look slim. And who doesn’t want to look and feel skinny?


A white shirt like mentioned on numerous occasions is a MUST HAVE! It would be an understatement if I say it goes with everything. When wearing a collared shirt, a statement and extravagant necklace turn your outfit from day wear to evening wear in seconds.


If it was up to me I would wear them every day. If you have been following my blog from the start, you will know that once the word ‘Blazer’ is mentioned, my heart skips a beat. I have provided the links to my previous posts about this amazing clothing type.

You may also be interested in my other posts:

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Bags with double straps are the new thing. FINALLY!

Use the small straps for an elegant look and if in a rush, throw over the long straps  and run. Well that’s what happens to me.



P.S. As you can tell, most of my wardrobe is from the second hand store. I am looking into doing a post about tips and tricks to shopping at an Op shop. If you have any questions, leave them in comments!

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Clothing HAUL – Vintage, Op Shop and Brand New Items

Hi Everyone,

It has been a long time indeed. I tried to prepare blog posts for times that I knew I would be busy but it has been extremely hard. As blogging is only just a hobby, I realised that there is no point adding extra pressure on myself.

I hadn’t bought anything new in a long time. I figured it was time to add some new pieces to my wardrobe. I love watching clothing and makeup hauls on Youtube so I added my own little spin on it and decide it is only appropriate to include it on my blog.  These are the items that I have bought over the past few weeks from all sorts of stores. As you can probably tell from the title, some of these items are brand new while others are second-hand.

All the items in this post were extremely affordable.



These items are from a department store in Australia known as Kmart. This store has affordable items that you actually get great wear from. Both of the jumpers below were less than $10.  They are perfect for the winter weather at the moment. I was also looking for crop jumpers that I can wear over long shirts (A trend I am currently loving, over jeans and slim fit pants). These sweaters/jumpers are just perfect for that purpose.

DSC_4106 DSC_4107


One of my favorite second-hand stores was having a 50% off sale and I seized that opportunity to pick up some staple pieces. I have been looking for a denim skirt for some time now. I really wanted one that had buttons going down the front of it. Although this skirt is a little too big for me, it only needs a few stitches to alter it. This is one of the many things I love about buying clothes from second-hand stores. It is cheap, you find unique items and even if it does not fit you can fix it.

DSC_4111 DSC_4095 DSC_4097



As I was browsing my social media, I came across a ‘Vintage Sale Warehouse’ invitation that was held really close to my house.This sale was only on certain days and I finally found an opportunity to see what all the fuss was about. It was a huge warehouse full of vintage/second-hand clothes for only $5 each. Although these are dresses, I am planning on pairing them with slim fit pants or a pencil skirt. I will definitely be including all of these pieces in future blog posts.
DSC_4101 DSC_4102 DSC_4103 DSC_4105


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Autumn Neutrals – Camel Coat

Hi Everyone!


I am back to blogging and posting about one of my favoruite topics which is FASHION. It has has been too long since my last post. The weather is cooler as it is now Autumn in Australia. It is time to take out the winter warmers to be able to fight this weather.

Outfit Details:

Scarf: Burberry Pattern scarf from Turkey

Jumper: Kmart

Coat: H&M coat from market

Jeans: Kmart

Bag: H&M

Shoes: Rubi Shoes


Camel coats.

Everyone has one or everyone wants one. I wanted one until I found it at a market for only $10.

I decided to pair this coat with a grey long woolen jumper and dark denim. These two items can work interchangeably with any other coloured coat. I would usually wear this outfit with a pair of boots but I haven’t bought the right pair yet. I am quite picky and I want to buy the right pair so they last throughout the cold weather.

Like mentioned in previous posts, my bag is from H&M for only $5.


Similar Items:

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8 Steps To Successfully Selling Things Online

I, like most people, always have items that I bought which are just lying around such as clothes/jewellery that I do not wear anymore. A couple of years ago I was just looking at things to do with my spare possessions and the first thing that came up was eBay. It was difficult at the start but I eventually found a way to use it. This blog post is dedicated to helping you make some extra money if you would like to sell your things online.fitch-ebay-revision

1. Create an eBay account:

The first step is to make an eBay account. You will need to go to the main page and go to the right hand side corner and click on register. This includes simple details such as: first name, last name, a valid email address and choosing a password. You will be asked to choose a username after you do this.

2. Create a PayPal account:

Paypal is a necessary component of selling/buying things from eBay as it is the way of receiving the payment from the buyer/seller. There are many steps to completing your Paypal account, you need to ensure it is secure and verified to buy and sell things online.

3. Collect the thing you want to sell: 

This step is crucial! I usually complete this step every few months once I do a major clear out of my wardrobe and room. I make three piles:

  1. Items I want to sell: In this pile I usually have things that I  bought and haven’t worn, they generally still have their tags on. These may be things that I have only worn once for a special occasion and can not see myself wearing it again.
  2. Charity: This pile generally consists of items you have are worn quite a bit and just want to clear room for new things.
  3.  Bin: Anything that is damaged, ripped or has any stains. You do not want to sell or give these items away to charity.

4. Wash-Clean-Sterilise 

It is ESSENTIAL you wash and make sure the things that you are going to give away or sell are clean and sterile. It will be absolutely disgusting if you bought something that was dirty so why would you do it to others?

5. Photo time

Depending on the item I am selling, I generally photograph it in a different way. For clothing I will take a photo of the



~The label or tag

~Any details(buttons, lace, zips)



6. The more details, the better

Once you are putting up an ad, it is more appealing to the buyer if you provide as much detail as possible for the title and description. It just makes it look official and generally draws the attention of the buyer. For example: Would you prefer a title that says; “Black Dress-Size 10” or “BARDOT Black Strapless dress- Size 10”. You just need to try to sell your item with the information given.  Here is list of things I try to include:




~Style (Maxi, Midi, Mini)


~Condition of item (Brand new with tag, brand new without tag or pre-owned)


7. Postage, Pick up, Drop off?

It is vital you state your preferred way of delivery. If you would like to select postage, complete THOROUGH research about how much the item is going to cost, would you like to do domestic or international postage, would you like to select regular post or express post, would you like to charge for postage or not. You can go on the Australia Post website for more information. I usually get prepaid parcels that are either 500g or 3kgs. I provide a set price for the buyer to pay in addition to the cost of the piece of clothing.  On other occasions for websites such as Gumtree, I only accept pick up from my house. With websites like this you need to be careful about providing too much information about your address. I provide my suburb and in the description state that I will only provide my address on request for someone who is certain they are going to buy the item.

8. Reputation is EVERYTHING!

Websites such as eBay have ‘feedback’ and ‘rating’ included in the buying and selling process. I think it is a brilliant idea for a few reasons such as: you have an indication of the buyer/seller and how reliable they are, everyone is constantly trying to maintain a well-respected reputation so they attempt to provide the best services and are very accountable for their actions.   If you say that you are going to post something tomorrow, you should make sure it is posted. If you say the dress is size 10, make sure it is actually size ten.

These are my main tips and tricks to selling clothes, jewellery, shoes and other things such as furniture online. If you have any other questions or queries, do not hesitate to ask me in the comments or private message. I hope that this post will be of some sort of help to you.


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Back To Basics [Stripes]

Hi Everyone!

This will be the last post from my ‘Back To Basics’ series.

Here are my previous posts:

Back To Basics [Khaki]

Back To Basics [Black & Grey]

Back To Basics [Polka Dot]


Some people hate them and others love them. I definitely love them! I do not know if the whole rumor about horizontal stripes making you look wider is true but that does not bother me.I generally choose an outfit in the order of whether it is 1) comfortable, 2) stylish and 3) flattering.

image1Both of the skirts in this post are pleated which are so flattering and I love the flowy effect. The navy skirt was my mothers and as soon as I saw it I fell in love. There is nothing wrong with looking through your mum’s wardrobe, you will be surprised at what you would find especially if they have kept their old outfits and vintage pieces.

image2I paired the second outfit with a bright ombre scarf. This breaks up the monochrome effect in the outfit. Tan coloured shoes and bags go with EVERYTHING! Like stated in the previous post, this bag is from H&M for ONLY $5. Also, these shoes are from Rubi Shoes for about $10.

If you have any suggestions for upcoming posts, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments.


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Back To Basics [Polka Dot]

Hi Everyone!

If you have been up to date with my posts, you will know that I am currently doing a ‘Back To Basics’ series with the clothing from my wardrobe.

Here are my previous posts:

Back To Basics [Khaki]

Back To Basics [Black & Grey]

I tried to pick outfits that include polka dots and may be casual as well as formal by simply switching certain things such as the bag or shoes. I think that both of these outfits can be dressed up or dressed down which is always a plus!

image1 (1)

This pleated polka dot skirt is one of my favorite things in my wardrobe.

If it were up to me I would wear it everyday.

If I have difficultly picking an outfit, this skirt is a definite pick-me-up.  The first outfit looks and feels a bit monochrome, a little too matchy-matchy but you an just change the hijab or shoes to a solid colour such as blue or purple.   I would say that out of the two outfits this would be considered the  ‘casual’ outfit.


Can we all just acknowledge the amazing colour of this polka dot top?

I am a sucker for anything with the colour mustard.

The skirt and top are both from the Op Shop. I love how you can find exquisite pieces that are a possible a one-off and you wont run into anyone wearing the same thing. A good wash and these items are good as new. You can switch the cardigan for a blazer and bag for a clutch and it will become a perfect formal outfit. I would definitely wear the second outfit to a wedding or birthday dinner.

I know that some people have difficulty styling clothes with patterns. I usually go with one patterned item per outfit but on the odd occasion I may mix two of the same pattern or completely different ones. When you have a system in mind, this makes it easier to style the item.

This is how I do it but you can do what best suits you and your style.


I have a few more ‘Back To Basics’ posts coming up.

If you have any suggestions for upcoming posts, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments.


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Back To Basics [Khaki]

Hi Everyone!

Firstly, I want to apologize for the inconsistency with my blog posts and for having a 12 day gap between this post and my last one.It is almost time to go back to university and there are so many things happening at once. I am planning on dedicating one day next week just to my blog, taking the photos and writing up captions, ready to post when life gets a little hard to handle.

If there are any particular blog posts you would like to see, please leave it in the comments below.

This is a continuation of my previous post about ‘Back To Basics [Black & Grey]’.

Today’s colour is one that I love just as much as BLACK. Yes that right,

I ❤ Khaki!


These Khaki chinos were very stylish and fashionable last year. I don’t know if they are still in style but I just love them. They are so comfortable and versatile during summer and winter.

If you are interested in my bag, I bought it from H&M a few days ago from the SALE for only $5! What a bargain!

 These outfits are really minimal but I think that they are so comfortable and stylish at the same time. FotorCreatedn


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