Avocado and Banana Smoothie – Recipe

Hi Everyone,

I’ve decided to treat you all today with one of my favourite smoothie recipes to commemorate the return of my blog. I tried something similar to this at a café and thought I could experiment with the ingredients and added my own twist. When I first saw this smoothie on the menu, I was a little taken back and wasn’t sure what to expect, however I couldn’t resist the temptation to not try it. I shared this recipe on my Snapchat and was pretty ecstatic to see I inspired my friends to try it as well.

If you love avocado, there is a high chance that you will enjoy this recipe, and most likely share it with your own circle of friends.



Coconut milk

Banana (A handy tip that I like to use, incorporate bananas that are completely ripe as they will add a nice sweet taste)

Chia seeds

Honey (optional- I don’t like my smoothies too sweet so I generally leave it out)

Coco powder (optional)

Ice (This is a must for my smoothies, nothing I hate more than a warm beverage. Thinking about it actually makes me si


Combine everything in a blender and wiz it all together. This smoothie is quite fulling and a perfect alternative for breakfast for those who are on the go. Also, if you aren’t a big fan of really thick smoothies just dilute it with some water or move coconut milk. I have not included measurements so make it according to your liking.

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