Spring into Spring – Ombré Jumper, White Shirt & Bows

Hi Everyone,

I haven’t done an outfit related post in so long. These photos were taken a while back when  I used to randomly get inspired to dress up and ask my niece to take my photos. (Thank you Aleyley) I absolutely love this outfit and could wear it everywhere.

Is it me or do you just feel so much better about yourself when you are dressed in an awesome outfit?


Outfit Details:

Necklace: Ottoman Treasure (Thank you to my dearest friend Dee for this beautiful necklace. It is a little heavy but worth the pain because it looks amazing with everything.

Jumper: Kmart

Shirt: Op Shop

Skirt: David Jones

Bag: Typo


I am actually wearing  a men’s jumper but I got a smaller size and folded it up to make it a “cropped” jumper.  I always check the men’s section for awesome pieces like this one. It is  generally cheaper and the smaller sizes are usually available.

And you have probably seen this shirt in one to many posts. So it is kinda obvious how much I love it.  My favourite all time combo for all occasions would have to be:

Over sized shirt + Cropped Jumper +Pencil Skirt


Thank you to my darling friend Selda for this amazing gift. It goes perfect with everything and everyone knows I love a well structured bag with double straps. I have linked the bag below so if you are looking for an amazing laptop or uni bag, go ahead and check it out.



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By Josephine

This week was so busy yet so slow at the same time. I was not feeling extremely inspired to post anything on my blog at all.  I have so many ideas but the process of actually going ahead with them was quite daunting for some reason. I guess it was due to the amount of things I had to do especially with my course, as it is the last couple of weeks there are still a few outstanding assessments I need to complete. Thank you to my lovely friend Sarah, who gave me the belief and aspiration to blog this week. Her kind words gave me an idea for this weeks blog post. She mentioned that she loves reading reviews and seeing photos of places that people have visited. And I did exactly that!

There is a cute and elegant little cafe by the name of By Josephine, click here to visit the website. By Josephine is located at 365 Sydney Road in downtown Brunswick. The other day I was thinking about the delicious and scrumptious salted caramel macaron I had when I first visited this cafe during 2009. They have a wide variety of French delights and delicacies that are pleasing to the eye as they are delicious to the tongue. The bubbly and kind staff members offer amazing customer service which always leads to a positive experience. Small things like the decorations, arrangement of the cafe and the numerous pot plants are inviting to the eye and definitely draws the attention of the customer. The location of this cafe is in the busy part of Brunswick and has a splendid atmosphere. The employee was kind enough to allow me take photos inside this wonderful cafe and here they are: DSC_3813DSC_3817DSC_3814DSC_3797DSC_3812DSC_3811DSC_3800DSC_3803DSC_3793DSC_3787DSC_3788DSC_3804DSC_3801DSC_3767DSC_3764DSC_3774DSC_3763DSC_3778DSC_3786DSC_3796DSC_3806DSC_3805DSC_3790DSC_3792DSC_3808DSC_3807DSC_3809DSC_3779DSC_3798DSC_3771DSC_3772

I hope you enjoyed this blog post ❤

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