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Hi Everyone,

Since my previous post did so well, I thought I would continue with the topic of:


I am not a fashionista nor a stylist, just someone who enjoys dressing up for the odd occasion. [Well that’s if I’m not in my pyjamas or work uniform]. Today my lovely beautiful niece/best friend/photographer/stylist was home so I thought I would take advantage of this opportunity before uni starts and I once again neglect my ‘Creative Outlet’.

Outfit Details:

Necklace: Baazar in Turkey

Dress: Kmart

Blazer: Kmart

Shoes: Op Shop

Bag: Orginially from Forever 21 but I bought it from the Op Shop

This bag.

How beautiful is it. You can also use it as a clutch if you place the chain inside. There is nothing I love more than a versatile item.

So I was working around Chapel Street for the last 3 weeks and during my lunch breaks I went around to the numerous Op Shops in the area.  Let me just say it was amazing and I was in heaven. I bought these shoes from a Salvos store and they were:





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Back To Basics [Black & Grey]

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you are all having a lovely week ❤

As I was walking to work on Saturday, I was thinking about upcoming blog posts to create. I was wearing the outfit with the grey top and black pants, and I thought about doing a “Back To Basics” series of posts. I was loving how my outfit was so simple yet classy. Likewise, I am going through a phase where I am not wearing as much pattern or floral as I did before. I call it a phase because as soon as I think of an outfit involving patterns or floral I will just throw it on.


What do you think of when someone talks about basics or essentials in their wardrobe?

I definitely think of a pair of black slacks/pants. These may be slim fit, high waisted or boyfriend style which are a loose fit.

I also think of a simple black skirt. This can be high waisted or pencil. And that may be knee-length or maxi. It just depends on personal preference.

Everyone MUST have a black, white or grey simple top that can go with everything. They are amazing to have around especially during winter.

Finally, a pair of black shoes that are comfortable whether they are flats, wedges or heels.


I will match these outfits with a blazer for formal occasions or a cardigan for casual times.


I would usually wear the outfit with the pants during the day to work, shopping or  lunch. On the other hand, I will wear the skirt to evening events such as a wedding. I will just change the simple top for a shirt and switch the bag for a clutch/purse. 22

I realised that body chains are so in right now! I wish I had a body chain to go with this outfit. They are so affordable but every time I go shopping I forget to get one. DSC_00431

Similarly, can we just talk about how amazing STATEMENT NECKLACES are these days, especially the Ottoman themed necklaces!  They are just to die for! I think that this piece of jewellery will take this outfit to a whole new level.



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