Sweats + Denim – OOTD

Hi Everyone,

If I was to describe my favourite way of dressing with one word it would definitely be:


Until a couple years ago, wearing trackies/sweats was considered unfashionable. Well to be completely honest, it still isn’t fashionable. I know many people who wouldn’t be caught dead in them and others who basically wear them everywhere.  I have seen people style amazing ootd with trackies and it inspired me to do the same.  I could probably dedicate a whole blog post to trackies ❤

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Coles [Mixed Apparel]

T-shirt: Kmart

Sweats/Trakies/Pants: H&M

Shoes: Converse

Bag: Target

So if you are from Australia, I highly recommend you take a look at the Mix Apparel website for amazing basics. You will be surprised at how affordable and the great quality of the items they sell. I was just doing grocery shopping at Coles and saw this denim jacket on sale for $15.

I am so glad that converse is back in style! I remember wearing them every day in my teen years, and having the most random and unique styles. Black and white Chucks go with every look. I especially love the edge it gives to an outfit with a dress or skirt. 

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