Op Shop Chic – Vintage Sweater & Red Coat

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A couple weeks ago I was able to work with my beautiful friend Summy who is currently in the process of finishing her photography course. This was a great opportunity for her to get some experience with lighting, camera angles and finding locations to run future photo shoots. Likewise, I was given the chance to put a few outfits together and receive the photos for my blog.

Summy’s Photography Page

Fortunately, I was given a couple days notice before this photo shoot. This gave me the opportunity to put together some outfits that would not only photograph wonderfully but also go along with my theme. You have probably seen from the title that this outfit is predominantly from the Op Shop. For those of you who have never heard of the terms Op Shop, it is basically referring to a charity shop or thrift store.

Op Shops are not only cheap but also allow you to wear one-off pieces and the chances of you running into someone with the same outfit/clothing is quite slim. My style is occasionally quirky, sometimes extravagant and most of the time simple. And lets just say that all my styles are catered for when I shop at Op Shops. I am not in any way ashamed about the second hand shenanigans. As long as you give the items a thorough clean and avoid buying specific items such as jeans.

fadi low res003

Outfit Details:

Coat: Op Shop

Shirt: Op Shop

Sweater/Jumper: Op Shop

Pants: Target

Shoes: Windsor Smith

fadi low res001

Over-sized white shirts and crop sweaters are the best. They are so versatile, if you change either the the jumper or shirt it basically transforms the outfit. The current jumper that I am wearing is not a crop, I just folded it up. *QUICK TIP*

Ahhhh!  Can we just admire these pants and how slim they are? I absolutely love them and would wear them everyday if I could because they are so flattering.


These should be the words used to describe at least one pair of shoes in ones wardrobe. These shoes are timeless. They are suede and just tie everything together in this outfit.

fadi low res002

Special thank you to my lovely friend Summy for these amazing snaps!

You should all follow her page (linked above) for spectacular and original photographs.

I loved putting this outfit together and would love to continue this series of Op Shop Chic.


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