Back To Basics [Polka Dot]

Hi Everyone!

If you have been up to date with my posts, you will know that I am currently doing a ‘Back To Basics’ series with the clothing from my wardrobe.

Here are my previous posts:

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I tried to pick outfits that include polka dots and may be casual as well as formal by simply switching certain things such as the bag or shoes. I think that both of these outfits can be dressed up or dressed down which is always a plus!

image1 (1)

This pleated polka dot skirt is one of my favorite things in my wardrobe.

If it were up to me I would wear it everyday.

If I have difficultly picking an outfit, this skirt is a definite pick-me-up.  The first outfit looks and feels a bit monochrome, a little too matchy-matchy but you an just change the hijab or shoes to a solid colour such as blue or purple.   I would say that out of the two outfits this would be considered the  ‘casual’ outfit.


Can we all just acknowledge the amazing colour of this polka dot top?

I am a sucker for anything with the colour mustard.

The skirt and top are both from the Op Shop. I love how you can find exquisite pieces that are a possible a one-off and you wont run into anyone wearing the same thing. A good wash and these items are good as new. You can switch the cardigan for a blazer and bag for a clutch and it will become a perfect formal outfit. I would definitely wear the second outfit to a wedding or birthday dinner.

I know that some people have difficulty styling clothes with patterns. I usually go with one patterned item per outfit but on the odd occasion I may mix two of the same pattern or completely different ones. When you have a system in mind, this makes it easier to style the item.

This is how I do it but you can do what best suits you and your style.


I have a few more ‘Back To Basics’ posts coming up.

If you have any suggestions for upcoming posts, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments.


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