Colour Blocking with OVER-SIZED Blazers

Hi Everyone!

If you are familiar with my blog or my sense of style you will know that I am a sucker for anything got to do with the word BLAZER. 

Over-sized – Tailored – Floral – Bright


Today’s post is about how I style them.

A simple pair of black pants or jeans are always a perfect match when you are wearing a STATEMENT piece . I am wearing a checkered shirt because I was feeling spontaneous but I would usually wear a simple black/grey/white top. The whole point of colour blocking is to wear bright coloured things at the same time and I have done this with my hot pink necklace.

I would say these outfits are casual or semi-formal. Trade the shoulder bag for a purse/clutch and the checkered shirt for a peplum or, like I said earlier, a black shirt.

You can get an over-sized blazer from most places like ASOS and Boohoo as it currently on trend. Both of the blazers that I am wearing are from an Op Shop.

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