Nicoise Salad (Tuna, Eggs & Green Beans) – DAY 5

Hi everyone,
This is the end of the cycle for the daily salad posts. I am going to end this series with a BANG! The final salad is my favorite over the past couple days. My aim for these post were to show that you can make anything with what you have, where you are.

Most of the ingredients that I used were the ones I had at home, I did not specifically go shopping for these salad at all. Like me you will most likely have these ingredients at home. Even if you don’t  you can simply just substitute it with what you do have.

Salads are an effortless way to minimize calories at a meal, and maximize nutrients. As it is currently Summer in Australia, it is easy to turn salads from a side dish into a complete meal by just adding a protein such as chicken, meat or eggs.

If you would like to see a series of anything else please do not hesitate to ask, I am more than welcome to share recipes and pictures.


A bunch of green beans(Boiled)

1 small potato (Boiled)

1 can of tuna (preferably in oil as it adds to the dressing)

2 eggs (You can either boil or pouch. I like my eggs runny but you can cook it to the way that you like.)

Olives (Preferably Kalamata olives)


Lemon juice


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P.s. I am feeling a little uninspired lately and I would love if can leave a few ideas of what you would like to see in upcoming posts.

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