Warm Spaghetti, Prawn and Basil Salad – DAY 3

Hi Everyone!

This is the continuation of the post I published a few days ago which was Rocket, Pear & Cheese Salad –  DAY 1. Like mentioned I am going to show you an easy salad recipe to create at home every day this week.

This is my sisters recipe and she will kill me if I took credit for it. This salad can we made all year round but I enjoy having it during a warm Summers day.  If you are vegetarian or do not like seafood, you can substitute the prawns for tomatoes.  The sharpness from the Parmesan cheese adds an amazing flavour but you can leave it out if you do not like it.






A bunch of Basil

1 Spanish Onion

Parmesan Cheese



Chilli Flakes

Juice of a whole lemon

Olive Oil



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P.s. I am feeling a little uninspired lately and I would love if can leave a few ideas of what you would like to see in upcoming posts.

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