Rocket, Pear & Cheese Salad – DAY 1

Hi everyone!

Can we just we just talk about how awesome salads are? You can basically make a salad with anything and everything. They are so light, refreshing and suppress hunger at the same time. Salad are so easy to make, only use a few ingredients and suitable for all occasions.

When I went to my friends house last week, she made this amazing salad. So I decided to recreate it for my blog. Likewise, I am going to publish a post everyday about a new and easy salad to create. I will include the list of ingredients for the salad, the dressing and photos of my creation.




Rocket lettuce (Use as much as you want, I used a whole packet from the supermarket and it served two)

1 Pear (It is better to have a pear which is firm as it would not get mushed when you are mixing the salad)

Tasty Cheese (You can use any cheese you would like, Parmesan cheese will taste amazing)



Olive Oil

Pomegranate Molasses (You can probably find this in the Middle Eastern aisle at the supermarket. It has a sour taste so add as much or little as you want)


And Voilà!2015/01/img_5677.jpg

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P.s. I am feeling a little uninspired lately and I would love if can leave a few ideas of what you would like to see in upcoming posts.

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