Styling Boyfriend Jeans & Celebrity Outfit Recreation

Boyfriend Jeans! They have been around for a while now but until recently, I didn’t really understand what all the hype was about. I have a new found love for them.  They are so comfortable, suitable for all occasions, loose fitting and amazing for all seasons; summer and winter.  In this post, I will display how to take a simple pair of jeans into an extraordinary component of an outfit. There are many places that sell them, for a variety of prices and I will provide details of some below. I usually like to wear jeans on a day to day basis for causal occasions with a nice jacket, over the shoulder bag and with some sneakers like New Balance or Converse. Likewise, I have started to wear these jeans for semi-formal occasions with a glamorous clutch/purse and some statement heels like wedges. As I was browsing the internet for celebrity outfits to recreate, I came across one of my favorite actresses Rachel Bilson wearing a pair of these jeans. She looks amazing and I love the way she has styled them. I have used these photos as inspiration, based my outfit around them and tried to recreate it to the best of my ability with what I had at home as well as adding my own little twist.



Outfit Details:

Blazer: Big W

Stripped top: Deborah K

Boyfriend Jeans: Kmart

Bag: Op Shop

Shoes: New Balance Trainers from America

upl up

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Kmart

Stripped top: Deborah K

Boyfriend Jeans: Kmart

Clutch/purse: Olga Berg

Shoes: Op Shop

uploaad upload

Similar Items:

Boyfriend Jeans

Click here

~Cost: $58.99


Glamorous Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

Click here

~Cost: $68.00

image1xl (3)

Sara Mid Stone Wash Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Click here

~Cost: $30.00


Janis Boyfriend Jeans

Click here

~Cost: $20.00

I hope you enjoyed this blog post ❤

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